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Empowering Product Owner with AI

Fastest tool for requirements gathering

Designed by product owner for product owner

  • AI-Based Assistance
  • UI-Based Documentation
  • JIRA Integration
AI-Based Assistance

Let AI assist you at requirement gathering

As a product owner, gathering the requirements for a product is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks. All of this, combined with the expectations of timely and cost-effective delivery, presents a significant challenge. Every time you are stuck, use the collective intelligence to deliver faster.

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UI-Based Documentation

Missing link between User Interface and Requirements

It can be challenging to communicate the relationship between the feature and the related user interface in project a planning or developing process. Experience a seamless transition between requirements and UI.

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JIRA Integration

A Pre-Jira Tool

Overall, Jira is a great tool for project management. It provides a number of features to help teams plan, track, and release software. The product owner needs a place to outline requirements fast, to get related recommendation, to pin those precisely on the user interface. Import your Jira Issues and quick start your project from another perspective.


Let AI assist you

metastory makes your requirement
gathering faster and smater.